In this installment of “Restoration Roundtables,” we delve into the entrepreneurial spirit that drives the property restoration industry forward, exploring the stories of those at its heart. Today, we turn our focus to Blake Cofield, the owner of PuroClean San Clemente. Blake’s journey encapsulates the essence of hard work, family, and the profound impact of personal connections. 

Introducing Blake: A Man of Ambition and Heart  

Blake Cofield
Owner of PuroClean, San Clemente

Personal Touch: In the competitive landscape of property restoration, distinguishing your business often comes down to the personal touches you offer—the kind that linger in a client’s memory long after the service is rendered. It’s the sticker from your local auto-shop, a handwritten thank you note or in Blake’s case, a baggie filled with goodies. The wrapping and assorting of the goodies are tasks Blake joyfully shares with his daughter, Kai. This unique approach blends the essence of family into the fabric of PuroClean of San Clemente, setting Blake and his business apart in a deeply personal way.

Blake’s entry into the world of entrepreneurship was a natural progression in his decade-long career in property restoration. “I’ve been in the industry for about 10 years, so I figured this would be the next step for me,” Blake shared. His transition from technician to business owner was not just about career advancement but fulfilling a deeper aspiration to offer unparalleled service. “And it’s been a great choice so far,” he added, his passion evident in his commitment to excellence. 

The goodies include chocolate, pens, business cards, nails, notebook

Family at the Forefront 

Blake Cofield, and his father Mike Cofield

Central to his story is the influence of his father, a hardworking individual who was often away, working 80-to-90-hour work weeks to provide for the family. This example of dedication and sacrifice deeply impacted him, teaching him the value of hard work and the importance of being ready to seize opportunities, wherever they may lie. 

His daughter, Kai, already plays a part in the business, helping assemble marketing baggies. Blake is not just building a business; he’s continuing the family legacy centered around hard work. With the help of his father Mike, his daughter Kai and his partner, Amelia, Blake has modeled his business to treat his clients like he does his family.

Blake with his daughter Kai, and his Partner Amelia

At the heart of Blake’s business philosophy is an unwavering commitment to customer service. “We want to treat the customers like they’re our own family” he stated, emphasizing the importance of building trust and genuine connections. This approach not only sets PuroClean of San Clemente apart but also ensures lasting relationships and referrals. 

Shobhit from KarmaStaff

In terms of his approach towards his employees, his office administrator Shobhit, from KarmaStaff describes their relationship as more akin to a partner. Shobhit highlights, “It’s more like a team, and Blake speaks to me like a best friend or a teammate.” This atmosphere of mutual respect and camaraderie is pivotal to the cohesive operation of PuroClean of San Clemente, illustrating Blake’s belief in teamwork and his innate ability to lead with empathy and friendship. 

Like any new venture, Blake’s journey was not without its hurdles. One significant challenge was client acquisition. Initially, Blake’s direct approach of walking into offices was less effective than anticipated. He adapted by scheduling visits, which led to a more receptive audience. “The moment I started calling people ahead of time…it’s a lot better approach,” Blake revealed, highlighting his adaptability and persistence.  

Mentorship plays a pivotal role in Blake’s professional life. He credits his growth to the guidance of industry veterans like Phil and Tenzin Jigme and draws inspiration from his personal hero, his father Mike Cofield. Their work ethic and dedication to excellence have profoundly influenced Blake’s approach to business and life. 

Tenzin Jigme

Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Blake envisions a thriving business that not only expands in terms of resources and reach but also maintains its core values. “Hopefully, in the next five years, you’ll have at least three or four trucks and three or four crews and just have consistent work,” he projected. His goal is to ensure that PuroClean of San Clemente becomes a self-sustaining enterprise that continues to serve the community with integrity and excellence. 

Blake Cofield’s journey is a testament to the power of hard work, innovation, and a deep-seated desire to make a difference. From the challenges he’s overcome to the values he espouses and the vision he holds for the future, Blake’s story is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere. Through PuroClean of San Clemente, Blake is not just restoring properties; he’s building a legacy of compassion, excellence, and community service, underpinned by a culture of friendship and mutual support within his team. It is this kind of personal touch that will always remain memorable. 

Special thanks to Blake and his PuroClean team in San Clemente for their cooperation and assistance throughout this process. 

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